South Philadelphia Post Office:

I was at the post office to ship out a package to Australia. I put the item into the envelope, THEN placed the address on it. Because of writing the address after the item was in the package the penmanship was poor, and the address was not on the lines. The postal woman started to give me a hard time about this. She said very loudly (so that I could hear her through the bulletproof plexiglass) “Oh, well you’re a guy. Let me just say that you first want to address it and THEN shove in your the package.”

I paused, then looked up at her smiling. She didn’t realize what she said. I heard laughing so I turned around. Everyone in the post office (about 20 disgruntled shippers waiting in line) were laughing. The postal woman blushed, mummered to her self, and didn’t say a word more to me.

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