The best of times are had with friends.

In 2012/2013, Proof and Proving performed around Philadelphia as a three piece: Brian (me) on vocals/guitar, Justin Stevenson (One Win Choice, Man About A Horse) on mandolin, and Rene Ropac (Astpai) on bass. Though we had all first met in the early/mid-2000s via our past touring punk/hardcore bands, the three of us – all living in south philly and no longer touring at the time – coalesced over drinks, great conversations, and fun times.

5-18-2006 show with Giving Chase, Metroplex, The Gun Stays, Thru It All, and One Win Choice at Circle Thrift in Fishtown, Philadelphia

5-21-2007 show with Giving Chase, Breaking The Forth Wall, and Astpai at KSet in Zagreb, Croatia

Oct 30-Nov 1, 2009: Fest 8

As that trio, we played some great shows and made some fantastic memories before we all went our different ways Рas each eventually moved out of the city.

In that time period, and as a way for us to improve our chops, we live-tracked a practice in my basement. Portions of this album are from that session, while the live tidbits are from one of the shows we played at the legendary Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar.

Last year, as I was moving around files for another recording session, I stumbled across our basement and Ray’s recordings. These recordings, which were never really meant to be an album, were too fun to not share (also, before this album, this lineup of Proof and Proving, with Justin and Rene, only ever had one song released: a cover of Sam Hall, which was on The Philly Rock Comp: Vol 2 put out by 502 South).

I look back on these times fondly, and wanted to share some of the good times I had with such good friends. As a nod to our practice space and caliber of shows, the album is affectionately titled “South Philly Basements“.

And lastly: A special thanks to our boys in Welter for, among many other things, adding gang vocals to the last track on the album!

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